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Winter Hiking: What Wonders Will You Witness? (jpg)
Executive editor Darron Libby of New Hampshire ToDo Magazine called this "the best article we've ever published." Blending the author's experiences and photographs with interviews, it attempts to introduce readers to the intense risks and joys of winter hiking in New Hampshire while teaching them a healthy respect for the world's most changeable weather.

Kenny Rogers still wins new fans
By the end of tonight, we're going to make you a number one fan. Country music legend Kenny Rogers made such a promise to a man named Larry in the front row of his concert at Meadowbrook Musical Arts Center Saturday night. (The Laconia Citizen)

Fifty Miles of Track and Ties
Decades after the first New Hampshire tourists traveled the state's rail lines amid dramatic scenery, the Conway Scenic Railroad keeps the early railroading days alive for all ages to enjoy. (New Hampshire ToDo Magazine)

Reflections Original Poems

Sudden Summer
There are times in life when it feels like your own personal winter lingers forever. But turning the corner to a more energetic season comes in an instant.

All Aboard!
Why does a child set up a model railroad, but hardly ever a "model highway?" Why do we love pictures of trains plowing thier ways through snowstorms, but grimace at photos of cars in the same setting?

Tribute to a Cat With a Message
If a picture is worth a thousand words, and a pet can teach us valuable things, then a photo of a pet can be a gold mine of wisdom.

The Day the Loons Made No Songs
People usually come from the city to the lake to get away from noise, but one one particular day the silence at the lake was unnerving. Excerpted from personal journal kept on September 11-12, 2001.


Making an impression: Salem State students move audiences (jpg)
published in The Salem (MA) News, © 2003
SALEM - It's not every day, or every play, in which drama provides ressurection of your religious beliefs, but such was the case for 23-year-old Kevin Crowley of Salem, an actor in "Jesus Christ Superstar" performed by the Student Theatre ensemble of Salem State College...

Mass. dad finds divine promise in blizzard
SALEM, Mass. - To many Boston area residents, the blizzard of January 2005 was a white curse in a winter that had already clogged their narrow streets with enough snow. But in Salem, mail carrier Scott O'Malley looked at the snow and saw a divine promise that his deceased 12-year-old daughter was in good hands.

Ice fisherman shares passion for living, inventing
MEREDITH, N.H. - As shadows grow longer over frozen Lake Winnipesaukee, the daytime high of 15 degrees plummets back to near zero, and the arctic northerly wind only makes it feel colder. But out in the middle of Meredith Bay, one ice fisherman creates a warm oasis where he shows it's possible to shun trophies and live for the love of living, even after the one that got away.


From Mt. Washington to Boston: Home for the Holidays (jpg)
Wednesday was a busy day of packing and traveling. It didn't feel as though I'd spent an entire week on Mount Washington. As I look at the news and see the chaotic holiday travels of millions of other people, I feel thankful for the way I came home.

Walpole: NH Town Spotlight (jpg)
Forget Waldo. The question, if you're looking at a New Hampshire map, is "Where's Walpole?" For reasons you'll discover in this article, I'm not going to tell you. Sure, it's the internet age, and you could Google it or Mapquest it. If that's your pace, you won't like Walpole.

Mount Washington Observatory Volunteering
The mountaintop landscape looks more like the moon than anything else. Snow flies furiously in 85 mph winds. The temperature is just above zero and visibility is about the same. From the safety of the Mount Washington Observatory, you can be witness to a climate that P.T. Barnum called "The Second Greatest Show On Earth."

Worst Weather, Great Spirit
New Hampshire's Mount Washington is one of those rare places where scientists become artists and vice-versa, and where emotionless data can mingle with spiritual thoughts in the same mind. (BCI Exclusive)

Discover Wild N.H. Day - Sustaining a wild way of life (jpg)
Today's wildlife-related laws, and the state agency that enforces them, are part of an environmental conservation effort that includes a multitude of helping hands from a government and private organizations. Getting that message out is why, in 1989, Dr. Judy Silverberg of NH Fish & Game started "Discover Wild New Hampshire Day," an annual fair at the department's headquarters.

Advances and limits of New England weather forecasting
New technology in the weather forecasting field has made predictions dramatically better than they were just 15 years ago, but frustrated forecasters still caution that meteorology, like medicine, is still very much an inexact science with a long way to go.