Michael Colclough Photography

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Home Locations: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont

Other Locations: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Virginia.

Canada: Niagara Falls, Montreal.
France: Paris.
United Kingdom: London, Pakefield, Norwich.

Aerial scenes: NH lakes & mountains, coastal Maine, coastal Mass, Grand Teton National Park.

Boston, coastal New England, London (United Kingdom) Paris (France) Norwich (United Kingdom), Cathedrals, Castles, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, The Louvre, The Bastille

Rochester NH air show, aerials of airplane in flight (coastal Maine)

Animal life:
ducks, loons, sea gulls, domestic cats

Windsor Castle UK, Tower of London UK, Hampton Court Palace UK

Norwich UK, London UK

Playing on beach or water, with parents

Arts & Crafts for sale, fruit stand, farm stand

Air show, Arts & Crafts

Boston, London UK

Landscapes, city:
Boston, Dover NH, London UK, Norwich UK, Paris France

Landscapes, coastal:
aerial, beach, boats, architecture, nautical culture, buoys, shells, nature close-ups, stores, geology, tide pools, Isles of Shoals NH, Newcastle NH, Rye NH, lighthouses, Pakefield UK

Landscapes, desert:
Arizona, New Mexico

Landscapes, road:
Interstate and local highway scenes throughout United States, National Parks, USA long haul trucking

Landscapes, lake (extensive):
aerial, docks, boats, beaches, rainbows, water & sky, weather

Landscapes, mountain:
NH White Mountains, Cottonwood Canyon Utah, close-ups of alpine vegetation, waterfalls

National Parks:
Yellowstone Wyoming.

Night scenes:
lightning, fireworks, rural, urban

People in recreation:
swimming, boating, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, sailing, resting, volleyball, beach, picnic, children

Plant life/flowers:
close-ups, gardens, fields, farms, orchards, cactus

over lake, over mountain & lake, reflections, people fishing

lightning, mammatus clouds, thunderheads, damage, transportation, Arizona, Nebraska, Florida

USA long haul trucking, Mt. Washington Cog Railway, NH railroads, aviation, lightning with truck

Aerial scenes: NH Lakes Region

Animal life:
ducks, seagulls, wild turkeys

Colonial small town & rural

Foliage, close-up:
colored trees/branches/single leaf, frost-covered leaf, colored leaves in snow

Landscapes, city:
Dover NH (Fall foliage and old mills), Portland ME

Landscapes, coastal:
Maine, National Parks, people in recreation, animal life

Landscapes, lake (extensive):
aerial, morning fog & water, foliage, reflections, distant mountains

Landscapes, mountain:
NH mountains, foliage & early snow, other

Landscapes, road:
Highways, local roads, fall foliage, New England, mountains

Landscapes, rural:
colonial/country architecture, Main Street, back roads, Town in valley with fall foliage, pumpkins as decorations

National Parks:
Acadia Maine

Night scenes:
aurora borealis (northern lights), star trails, New Hampshire, Portland Maine, city

People in recreation:
hiking, biking, dining outdoors, National Parks, mountain cabin maintenance

Plant life & agriculture:
pumpkins, corn for sale, various trees

Animal life: domestic cats, dogs, birds, wild turkeys, coyotes, great horned elk, trumpeter swans, Canada geese, blue birds

Boston, New York City, rural New England

Fly-in, ice airport, Lake Winnipesaukee NH, Alton NH

patterns in snow and ice, ice storms, frost & icicle close-ups

Playing in snow; Christmastime indoors

Boston, Winter clothing for sale, holiday shopping

Fly-in at ice airport, ice fishing derby

Holiday season:
various decorations, girls with candy house, Christmas party, Christmas tree farm, holiday shoppers (city).

Landscapes, city:
Boston, Portsmouth NH, Dover NH, New York City

Landscapes, coastal:
Wells, Maine at sunrise, Nubble Lighthouse after snowstorm
Landscapes, lake: ice/snow/shoreline, distant mountains, ice fishing, ice airport

Landscapes, mountain:
Aerials and land-based, NH White Mountains, above treeline, life at the Mount Washington Observatory, people in recreation, Tuckerman Ravine, Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming), Montana

Landscapes, rural:
Alton NH church with snow, Jackson NH, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Grand Teton National Park

Landscapes, suburban:
active snow & ice storms, storm aftermath, sunsets, people

Mount Washington Observatory:
a week in the life, sunrises, sunsets, undercast, storms, winter

National Parks:
Aerials, Grand Teton Wyoming, Badlands South Dakota

Night scenes:
festive lighting, Christmas trees, city/suburban snow & ice scenes, ice storms, moonrise, mountains, Boston, Dover NH, Grand Teton National Park Wyoming

People in recreation:
hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, mountaineering, ice fishing, children, Pinzgauer off-road safari, snowmobiling, dog sledding, backcountry skiing in Teton Pass Wyoming, climbing in the Tetons of Wyoming.

People socializing:
Christmas party, children
Snow, close-up (extensive): birch trees, snow on pine branch, pine twig in snow, animal tracks, falling snow, light on snowdrifts

Blizzards, damage, city, suburb, rural, night, intersections, snowplows, pedestrians, lanterns and streetlights, road signs, storm cleanup, Wyoming

Aviation, Highways city and rural, mountain pass, NH railroads, signs, tractor-trailer rigs, Montana, aviation

Architecture UNH campus

Landscapes, academic:
UNH campus, students outdoors, blooming trees & architecture

Landscapes, lake:
ice-out, fog on water, budding/blooming trees & water, rainbows

People in recreation:
reading outdoors

Plant life:
flowers, close-ups, blooming & budding, flowers in snow, flowers w/

Artistic: Brick walls, cloud patterns

Alton NH General Store interior

Northern Lights:
Aurora Borealis, over lake, with moonrise, New Hampshire
Sunrises, sunsets, and twilight (locations and secondary subjects vary)

Star Trails:
New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee